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May 11, 2017

The Track and places

Events take place on an oval-shaped synthetic sand-based track with a-two furlong house straight. The track can accommodate around 80, 000 folks and it has two main grandstands, the older “Happyville” close to the winning range as well as the more recent “Luckyville” that are joined collectively and protect the whole residence straight.

Champions Suite for Foreign Guests

Also, there is an information work desk on the first floor of Luckyville for international visitors with solutions in English, Japanese and Chinese with English language race-cards readily available.


More allocated seating is available in the Convention Hall regarding the 6th floor of Luckyville, but time membership (at 10, 000won) is operated on a primary arrive initially served basis as well as on Sundays especially, is usually taken up well before 1st race – this location is generally employed by those that come purely to wager and contains the atmosphere of an off-track wagering centre so isn't recommended for a fantastic raceday knowledge. There are also set aside sitting areas on 5th floor and a “Premium” location labeled as the “Pegasus Lounge” regarding the 6th floor (day account 35, 000won). Once more, on Sundays these are typically full very early but ask during the information work desk to find out more,

Entry into the track is 2, 000 obtained by “T-Money” card or “CashBEE” transportation card only. One time entrance cards can be purchased from pass machines in the entrance for 3, 000 won, 1, 000 won which is refundable on route out. Staff are on hand to aid if needed. Credit cards can’t be utilized for entrance or for wagering even though they can be used inside restaurants. Korean charge cards do not work in the ATMs (as a result of legislation against betting on credit) however all debit/check cards do plus some ATMs accept foreign credit cards.

A brand new addition may be the “Beginners and Couples Zone” from the first flooring associated with Happyville Grandstand nearest on winning range. This gives a place with information desks and an abundance of sitting (although not really with a track view) for newcomers toward track who wish to escape the notably frenetic atmosphere of this basic places.

leave the section and mind along the covered walkway towards the entranceA tunnel beneath the winning line results in the center associated with track where there was a “family park” with services for young ones – including a racehorse simulator. During summer months, the playground is an extremely preferred picnic place and even in winter season could offer scenic walking routes. There are wagering areas within the infield plus a “Brown Grill” snackbar which serves alcohol on faucet, in addition to a great many other refreshment really stands.

Food: there are numerous numerous restaurants at the track. They do have a tendency to get rather hectic on Sundays during breaks when you look at the Seoul events whenever displays are showing Busan so if you desire to relax and take your time, it’s a good idea to select a Seoul race to miss. On Saturdays these are generally usually quite peaceful. Here are some of these:

Delacourt Cafeteria – Hansik Buffet- Happyville Grandstand, 2nd flooring: One of two locations on the track branded “Delacourt” just take a tray and walk down the range getting whichever meal you would like – a lot of people pick up a bowl of rice as well as 2 or three side meals. Everything is there, bulgogi, cooked fish, spicy chicken, and every variety of kimchi possible. Be prepared to pay around 7, 000 to 9, 000 won for just two side meals with rice.

Delacourt Cafeteria, first Floor Luckyville: the second “Delacourt Cafeteria”, it's more of a food court experience with three outlets revealing one sitting location. One serves Korean style Chinese meals “Jjamppong” becoming the most famous, another serving chicken cutlets and another doing standard Korean food. Order through the photos on the road in, then watch for your number oto show up on the displays.

Chinese Restaurants – Happyville Grandstand 2nd floor & Luckyville Grandstand, third floor: Two even more Chinese restaurants serving Koreanised Chinese meals. The “Ja-jang-myon” and together with “Zampon” tend to be both appropriate. 6, 000-8, 000won and also the Tang-su-yuk (sweet-and-sour pork) in Happyville at 8, 000 won is very good.

You can enter the track using your subway card you can also get a ticket at these machines. The staff helps.New York Hotdogs: what it really seems like, this hotdog stand is located next to the novice and Couple Zone from the first flooring of Happyville. Popular for the coffee too.

Brown Grill – Infield Family Park: Light food, coffee and alcohol.

Marronnier Coffee that will be situated on the 2nd floor balcony when you look at the entrance of the Happyville Chinese restaurant overlooking the paddock. From Spring to Autumn, in addition they function a stand regarding the sunshine terrace accessible through the “Toran Toran” Korean restaurant in the 2nd floor of Luckyville.

Snapsnack – first floor Happyville: a brand new inclusion in summer 2014, this is the only spot outside the meeting hall and Owners’ Lounges and infield where you could get a beer. Also serves Pasta and simple Korean design club meals.

There are many other restaurants and snack bars dotted all over track while the convenience shop stores 7/11 and GS25 both have actually many outlets through the entire program.

Alcohol (alcohol just) is only for sale when you look at the Snapsnack Restaurant and it is maybe not said to be brought on the course. Truly the only convenience store that offers alcohol is the CU, located in the entrance of staff cafeteria right beside the tunnel into family playground and theoretically not inside racecourse. The structures are non-smoking. Outdoors, can also be non-smoking aside from some little places.


There are generally 11-12 events every Saturday and Sunday as well as the opportunity to wager on about two races from Jeju or Busan – in 2014 3 to 4 events from Jeju are simulcasted on Saturdays and six from Busan on Sundays. Race distances vary between five furlongs (1000 metres) and eleven and a half furlongs (2300 metres). Features for the period are the Korean Derby in May, the Minister of Agriculture Cup in October, President’s Cup in November and also the Grand Prix Stakes in December. See this site for a summary of the very best horses currently operating at Seoul.

Form Guides

The English language form sheet available from the initial floor information table is detailed adequate to give an over-all notion of the most readily useful horse inside race, but for those of you shopping for more detailed guides plus “expert” predicitions, it really is best if you buy one of the many type guides that are available both inside and outside the track. Although all in Korean, you can easily workout which ponies they predict in addition to design associated with the card is strictly the same as which used in just about every nation. There's two types of guide readily available. First tend to be people with brands such as for example “Ace”, “Speed” and “New World” which cost 1000 won and also have the day’s card with forecasts for every battle. Second are the more descriptive people which “Seoul Gyongma” and “Gyongma Munhwa” will be the most popular, costing 4000 won along with far more background information for serious punters. As you come out of the subway place you will be greeted by a cacophony of vendors advetising their guides. In the event that you buy from one of those, you will be usually given a “signpen” to wager with. See

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