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September 15, 2015
Day 1

Strudland seashore Riding from Studland seashore Riding StablesRiding Holidays

Whether you are looking for a quick break or longer getaway, stunning hacking can be obtained at Studland Stables regarding Dorset shore. With over 2 kilometers of uninterrupted coastline operating, 3000 acres of heath and forest and 4 miles of spectacular coastal and ridge riding, we believe we could deliver on our claim ‘an amazing biking experience’. For sets of 4 or maybe more cyclists your vacation could incorporate a ‘day ride’ which includes lunch at a nearby pub. Don’t be concerned if you are not to arrive a bunch even as we have day trips scheduled each month. Throughout your stay there may well be the chance to ride two or three different horses.

The Driving

riding holiday breaks in dorsetregardless if you are learning or have now been operating for several years we have horses and rides to match your capability. When you yourself haven’t currently kindly our trips loss to learn about the stunning rides you can enjoy during your holiday.

Please note; The Beach, Old Harry, Forest and Day trips are appropriate established bikers and possess a guide minimal age of 12 many years. The pricing below is dependent on group 2 time rides. Our teams have a maximum of 6 consumers per trip.

Exclusive and tailored trips can also be found. Please call to discuss accessibility and cost.
1 and 1½ time trips are also available through your riding vacation.

Estimating the ride price section of your vacation is easy;

2 hours riding during break = £65 per person.
4 hours driving during break (2x2hr) = £125.

WW1 Cannon Cart Horse at The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014
WW1 Cannon Cart Horse at The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014
Horse riding at Rosewall Equetion
Horse riding at Rosewall Equetion
Horse-Riding Dorset, Cornwall, Kent 1966 - 1971
Horse-Riding Dorset, Cornwall, Kent 1966 - 1971
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