Horse riding Northumberland

December 24, 2016
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Riding across wide-open spaces, mountains and moors of Northumberland National Park is exhilarating. On these heather and grass covered uplands you can easily drive for hours without witnessing other people. Love peaceful rides either within an organised team or on a self-guided trip.

Operating centers and schools

These provide university fees in operating skills and horse treatment and are also a perfect introduction to the recreation. They can additionally advise on path preparation plus some have directed trips from newbie degree to experienced.

Horse riding in Northumberland National Park.

Where can I ride?

You need to use roads, byways and bridleways on horseback. Nevertheless you are not permitted on general public footpaths. Numerous places are separated which can be element of their allure. But please make sure you tend to be well-prepared. Evaluate our ideas for horse riding roads when you look at the map under.

Protection methods for horse riding in Northumberland

  • Always inform some body where you stand going and how long you anticipate becoming out. Try to ride in company, especially when driving in a brand new area.
  • Carry the relevant OS chart the location. Emphasize your course regarding chart for simple reference.
  • Wear appropriate garments for your ride – understand that the current weather can change quickly within the hills therefore simply take hot and waterproof garments.
  • Look at your horse’s tack just before set-off; you will probably find it helpful to carry a mind collar and/or lead rope – of use not just in a crisis but additionally allowing your horse to graze as you have your meal!
Maple Crescent Farm Campbellcroft horseback riding
Maple Crescent Farm Campbellcroft horseback riding
Horse riding Bareback at 7 years old
Horse riding Bareback at 7 years old
Maple Crescent Farm sunset horseback ride
Maple Crescent Farm sunset horseback ride
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