Ogmore Horse riding

October 1, 2015
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lookingalongogmorebeachtowardsse206632aOur Tipis (Teepees or Tepees) at Ogmore tend to be situated in the shadows of 12th Century Ogmore Castle, simply yards from Ogmore Riding class, a beautiful village club while the thatched cottage which Judith's and Eric's tea areas. The panoramic photo above becoming the scene from where in fact the tipis are situated.

Please note: Any songs and noise levels needs to be kept to a minimum to be able to admire our neighbours.

The entire location all over Ogmore is of outstanding beauty with plenty to accomplish and view. There are so many beautiful sights here it is hard to understand the place to start, therefore trying of distance from the tipi's here we get. Instead in the event that you would a quick appearance have a look at this gallery web page.

Ogmore Castle

Ogmore Castle was built after 1100 by William de Londres as part of the Norman invasion of Wales.

viewoftraethyrafonacrosstheriver181637aThe castle was in usage before the nineteenth Century for a variety of functions, including a court of justice and a prison, but is today an amazing set of remains and neighborhood landmark. Click the link for the tale of Ogmore Castle.

Stepping Stones

52 stepping-stones lead throughout the ford associated with the Ewenny and Ogmore rivers towards pretty town of Merthyr Mawr. Neighborhood legend has it which they had been laid for a love-sick woman which lived-in the palace. Her lover lived across the river, and their meetings were impeded by tides and floods. Obviously the rocks served their particular purpose - the fans married in 1233.

Ogmore Farm Horse Riding

Driving a horse on a broad available coastline close to the lapping perimeter of this sea is a dream for many people. At Ogmore Farm near Bridgend in South Wales this fantasy is a real possibility, each and every day.

A two time trek meanders through the lawn two times a day, traversing rivers, beach and high sand dunes. The farm is set in breathtaking environment, in silent existence of imposing Ogmore Castle. Bookings is made

item3aOgmore Farm tea spaces

Simply throughout the lane from tipis you will discover the beverage spaces run by Judith and Eric. Teas, mid-day desserts and everyday home made deals can be obtained here. Break fast may be arranged in advance as Judith will supply these products from regional farm shop. This building had been the first Farmhouse until a just a couple of years ago.

The Pelican Pub

Just throughout the road from teepees is an amiable nation club locally known as the Peli although formally known as The Pelican in her own Piety. A cracking destination to have a very good drink that can provides among the better food in the area. Real time music is usually on on a Friday or Saturday night.

Southerndown Driver

Sitting over the tipis is Southerndown greens. This will be a links-style program that is special landscapes succeed one of the driest programs in Wales, with year-round golf for both people and visitors. Kindly check always their particular term if your wanting to come

RobPics1Merthyr Mawr

From the tipis go across the stepping stones in the lake Ewenny then within the Swinging Bridge in to the beautiful village of Merthyr Mawr featuring its thatched cottages. While you walk through Merthyr Mawr to the dunes you will observe amazing wildlife, a beautiful church and according to the period strawberry industries as you are able to spend to choose.

Candleston Castle

There are two main castles, Ogmore Castle which will be on location and Candleston Castle. A nice leave towards west of the tipis, Candleston Castle is found on entrance towards Merthyr Mawr Warren, the highest sand dune slacks in Europe. To make the journey to this palace from tipis walk-through Merthyr Mawr town as described above.

Ogmore By Sea Seashore

Follow the lake east for about a mile and a half, a truly good warlock over the rivers flood airplanes or above on increased wave. Ogmore beach is a big sandy coastline ideal for sunbathing, cycling and surfing.. In top months there are ice-cream Vans for refreshments in the car parking. On a reduced wave lok out for tusker rock about a mile right out of the coastline, in addition on these reduced tides the different different bays along this shore merge, to help you walk-throughHardy's bay and even onto Southerndown without leaving the coastline.

DSC0969a item3b MerthyrMawrCottage2a candleston3a
Source: www.tipiwales.co.uk
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